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Our next intake closes on midnight 14th August 2017 - please give yourself a few days to complete the assessment and collect the required evidence!

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If you need further information before completing your application, download our detailed programme overview here:
ZeroPoint Ventures offers a series of virtual programmes to help you turn an idea for a software product into a revenue generating company that can scale to $1MM in annual revenues in a relatively short time.

We offer founders in our programmes an equity-free investment of up to $180K as a deferred loan, repayable if and when you reach that revenue goal.

Founders going through our programmes get objective coach-led support, access to best-practice resources and mentors, and support from a community of similar-minded peers.

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We're currently looking to work with people who have an idea that can be realized entirely in software - does this fit you? *

Whilst we'd love to help everyone, if you're building a hardware/connected device, or a physical product as part of your software solution, our programme will unlikely be a fit just yet.
Does your idea target primarily small- to medium- businesses - i.e. B2B? *

We're currently looking for ventures targeting SMEs so as to keep the sales cycles short and the margins high so as to reach our revenue goal
Have you raised little to no external funding for your idea so far? *

Traditional equity-investment often looks to fast growth and further venture capital rather than our revenue and profitability focus - this isn't a killer to working with us, but we should both think about that alignment carefully.
Is your product/idea already developed, in market, and with customers? *

Whilst this isn't a blocker to working with us, we're looking to work with early-stage ideas still undertaking customer discovery and finding the right product to build for your market.
Outside of building your startup, are you willing and able to commit at least 4 hours a week to our programme over the course of 6 months? *

This may include attending online webinars, reporting progress and learning outcomes to your coach, attending 1:1 virtual coaching sessions, supporting your programme cohort, and providing regular programme feedback to us
What are the main outcomes you are looking for from our programme support? *

Why are you here? :)
Our current programmes include investment as well as coaching support.  In principal, are you willing to take our investment if you are accepted into our programmes? *

We'll discuss these details, terms, and repayment schedules further as you work through the assessment stage, so this is more an indicator rather than binding.
If you do not need our investment or do not make it past the selection stage, are you interested in progressing through our programmes as a paid coaching participant? *

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This would include access to our online community, our evidence-based coaching framework, 1:1 ongoing mentoring, and access to regular educational speaker sessions.
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Our assessment stage requires you to collect some evidence about your team, current direction, and the market opportunity.

Please give yourself adequate time to collate/write these documents to give you the best chance of getting shortlisted for selection.

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We'll invite you into the the assessment stage once we've reviewed your application and checked if it fits what we're looking for.

In the meantime, please download and read the detailed overview of our programme and ask us any questions: